Amethyst dreamcatcher

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This Amethyst dream catcher captures nightmares and soothes the mind thanks to its relaxing and purifying properties.

Handmade , it is a real decorative object for your bedroom or living room.

It will keep negative energies away from your room, while calming you.

Dimensions :

H: 25 cm (+25cm of wire)

L: 10cm


Amethyst is a relaxing , soothing stone.

It will allow you to relax and reduce anxiety .

It promotes falling asleep , helps reduce addictions , and helps manage emotions .

Purification / Recharge

To purify a stone, an object, a place, there are different ways:

- Fumigation (fumigation stick made of rosemary, medicinal sage, Palo Santo, etc.)

- The singing bowl : insert the stones inside, then ring the bowl until the sound differs

- Water : Run a stream of water over the stone for a few seconds. Be careful, certain stones deteriorate on contact with water (Malachite, Calcite, Pyrite, etc.)

- On a bed of coarse salt : Place the stones on a bed of coarse salt, it can be in a cauldron, in a box… Be careful, some stones do not tolerate salt (Malachite, Pyrite, Calcite, Amazonite…)

- With the pendulum : ask the pendulum to purify the stone, let it work until it stops completely

- Selenite plate: place the stone on a Selenite plate for a few hours

- Rock Crystal Geode: place the stone on/in a Rock Crystal geode

In order to recharge a stone, an object, a place, there are several ways:

- Flower of life : place the stone on a flower of life, it can be engraved, printed, drawn (if it is perfectly done), for a few hours

- Amethyst geode : place the stones on/in an Amethyst geode for a few hours

- Expose your stones to the rays of the Moon ; it is possible to do so outside of the full moon, but the effects will be less. Be careful not to expose them during a new moon cycle.