Handmade singing bowl

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Handmade metal singing bowl, by purchasing this bowl you will find:

- The handmade singing bowl

- A handmade satin cushion

- A wooden and synthetic leather mallet


The singing bowl is a divinatory tool that allows you to purify a stone /an object /a place . The singing bowl is also used to harmonize a place , thanks to the vibrations that the bowl emits. It can also be used as a meditation support , in order to relax and unwind .

How to use it?

In order to make the bowl sing , there are two methods :

1) Tap lightly on the bowl using the mallet provided, this can be done on the leather side or the wood side, the sound will be different depending on the side with which you tap.

2) Turn around the bowl with the wooden side of the mallet , you must be regular , and tilt the mallet slightly. With a little practice , it is possible to make it sing louder and louder , and for a longer duration .